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Credito Valtellinese Group Gallery Palazzo Sertoli
Piazza Quadrivio Sondrio

Opening: Tuesday May 13, at 6 p.m.
Open from: May 14 - June 28 1997
Visiting hours: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. - 12h.30 p.m. and 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 12h.00
Sponsored by: Sondrio Culture Council Office

Until the end of June, Palazzo Sertoli, in Sondrio, will host the works by the sculptor Giancarlo Sangregorio. The exhibition focuses on thirty years. Some middle-sized and big-sized sculptures show the sculptor creativity and innovation. Sangregorio is from Milan. He lives and works in Sesto Calende.

On the occasion, Credito Valtellinese Gallery published an exhaustive catalogue with a critical note by Flaminio Gualdoni and a number of historical texts, very helpful to understand Sangregorio's experiences, which are by now impossible to find.

According to Gualdoni: "Sangregorio always participated in the cultural debate of his time, as well as in the mysterious and charming art of sculpture. To him, the reasons of this art were not only the rhetoric of the chisel and the hard work, nor they were Michelangelo's literature, inspired by the flagrant beauty of materials and by the author's virtue of moulding them. To him, sculpture represented nearly an anthropological sense of the source of the art and its reasons". In addition to the different materials he used and interlaced in elaborated sculptures, the latest works are characterised by more faced materials, that reflect light and the surrounding space. He substitutes rough materials with marble, serpentine and glass that enhance the formal qualities of his sculptures.

Le sculture più recenti sono caratterizzate, oltre che dal rincorrersi delle materie diverse accostate e intrecciate che si sviluppano in nodi e articolazioni di forza vitalistica, caratteristica della sua arte da più di trent’anni, da una nuova resa delle superificie materiche ora levigate e riflettenti la luce e lo spazio circostante. La definizione scabra di alcune opere cede il posto ad una pulizia del marmo, del serpentino, del vetro, che mette in risalto le qualità formali della scultura di Sangregorio.

Giancarlo Sangregorio was born in Milan, in 1925.He spent a lot of his youth in Vigezzo Valley, where he began to sculpture works out of stone, in the mines. He attended the Brera Academy. At that time, together with other artists, he participated in important exhibitions and in manifestations the post-war avant-garde trends organised. In 1950, he began to travel abroad. He often stayed in Paris. Until 1958, he lived on the Versilia coast, where he moulded ceramics and marble. At that time, he was very interested in the informal style and in the European tendencies. Nevertheless, he continued to elaborate his own original style. Since then, he has always shown his works in the most important international art exhibitions: in France, ex-Yugoslavia, Israel, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, United States, Mexico, Argentine and in the Italian main towns. Some works by Sangregorio are kept in private and public collections, both in Italy and abroad. Numerous monuments in several Italian, Swiss and German towns were realised by Sangregorio. To make a few examples, in Italy, we can mention Monumento alla Resistenza, in Milano Rogoredo, Itinerario nel vuoto di via Clerici, in Milan, Stele, in Torviscosa (Udine).


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